March Group Orders


Hi Sisters,

Here are the new group orders:

(Please be aware that I an not a retailer, only someone looking for a great deal for all of you! If you can find better prices, help us out, and share the word with me, too.)


Bosch Bread Mixer’s,  Fels-naptha, Washing Soda and Borax soap order:



Bosch  (Deadline March 31, 2009)

Universal Plus 800 Watt  Reg. $399.99

5-10 ordered  $350.00 without blender, plus tax


Classic 700 Watts Reg.  $389.99

5-10 ordered $325.00 without blender, plus tax


Fels-naptha soap $1.10 per bar

What is it and why do I want it?


I have been to many preparedness seminars where they always talk about Fels-Naptha and say that that is something that we need to have in our storage. I decided to put it to the test. My daughter got married in March and dragged her beautiful wedding dress all along the ground in the snow and dirty grounds of the temple. To complicate the matter, her little sisters (and others) couldn’t help but also walk all over the top of her train. I thought the dress was a gonner! I was told at the bridal store that that was what they use to clean the rental dresses by hand in the bath tub. So, I did the same. After 2 washings, I was AMAZED! The dress looked brand new and all markings and dirt were removed. I was converted instantly! Since then, I have done some homework and can plainly see that it is a must for your laundry kit and storage. It is small, and cheap! So here is a group order for it.

Each bar is $1.10. If you are interested, email me back to place your order, then mail me your check.



 Fels Naptha- order due before March 13, 2009

Frugal zealots all over sing the praises of Fels Naptha Soap, saying it is an inexpensive way to cut the greasiest of messy and can be used on everything from hands to your tile shower. You can create inexpensive all-purpose cleaners with it. Of course, many use this soap as it was intended, by shaving off pieces and soaking it in hot water for laundry, and it can be a very inexpensive way to clean your clothes. I would estimate that you can spend as little as 10 percent to do you laundry compared to other laundry detergents. When Fels Naptha came along, most people used a soap made from tallow and lye. Today, the chemical makeup seems to have changed a bit, and the label lists cleaners, soil and stain removers, chelating agents and perfumes and colorants. A chelating agent is something that forms chemical bonds to other things, such as dirt. It is currently made by Dial and can be found mostly on the Internet, although you may be able to find it in grocery stores, either in the laundry aisle or the soap aisle.


According to Dial Soap Company, here are some things that it can do:


Poison Ivy Prevention: Fels Naptha Soap has been used for over 100 years for the treatment and prevention of poison ivy, sumac and oak rash.  My family has personally used it for over 10 years.  If you think you have been exposed to poison ivy, oak or sumac, shower immediately with Fels Naptha to remove the resin from your skin.  This will greatly reduce and in most cases, prevent any skin reaction to the poison ivy oil.  Make sure to launder your clothes in some shaved or grated fels naptha (about 1/16th of the bar) to remove the resin from your clothes.  Poison Ivy resin can stay on your clothes for over 1 year even if the clothes have been washed with normal detergent. 



Poison Ivy Treatment:  If you are exposed to poison ivy and you have a reaction, simply shower with Fels Naptha to remove any resin left on the skin and it will help to dry up the rash as well.



To clean your shower, rub a non-abrasive scouring sponge with a wet bar of Fels Naptha and start cleaning. It will take a little hard work the first time you use it but it will be a breeze after that.



Washing with Fels Naptha can greatly reduce the itching and discomfort from bug bites. Though it is NOT a hand soap, it can cut even the grimiest of messes. Wash hands with Fels Naptha to remove ink, grease, or a variety of other nasty stains. Again, remember that this can be a skin irritant and should be used carefully and only after reading the warning label on the soap.




To clean paint brushes, simply drag the wet brush through a lathered bar of Fels Naptha and work in. Rinse well with warm water. The brushes stay soft and supple using this method.




Spring and Fall Lawn Tonic


*1 cup of fels soap solution 1 flat beer, 4 ounces of liquid dish soap, household ammonia and a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer. (*Fels soap solution is made by shaving 1/2 bar of Fels Naptha Soap into a quart of very hot water to dissolve. Add 4 ounces of liquid dish soap as an emulsifier. You can store the solution until needed. Shake well before use.) Mix the 1-cup Fels solution, 1 can of beer in the sprayer. Fill the remainder of sprayer with ammonia. For spring and fall garden spraying, add 2 oz of molasses.




Spray aphids with 3 tablespoons grated Fels Naptha Soap dissolved in 1 gallon of hot water. Mix well and let cool. Spray as needed.




Insect Control: Prepare Fels Naptha Solution first. (Solution – shave 1 inch of Fels Naptha bar in a nylon stocking and place it into a gallon of boiling water along with 4 oz. liquid dish soap(Ivory). Store as needed and shake well before use. It will have a gel-like consistency.) Mix 1 cup of Fels Naptha Solution with 1 cup antiseptic mouthwash (mint flavored if nematodes are a problem) and 1 cup chewing tobacco juice. Spray with a 20-gal hose-end sprayer with a golf ball in it to keep mixture mixed. Follow-up with an application of Dursban or Diazinon, if needed.




For Black-spot fungus on roses: Make the Fels Naptha Solution by shaving 1 inch of Fels Naptha bar into a nylon stocking and placing it into a gallon of boiling water along with 4 ounce of liquid dish soap (Ivory). This will keep nicely and you can use it as needed. It will have a gel-like consistency so mix well before using. For the black-spot fungus, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of Fels naptha solution and 1 gallon of water. Spray as needed.




IMPORTANT***** In recent years soap manufacturers have added degreasers and antibacterial ingredients to their products. These are VERY harmful to your plants and most likely will burn or kill them. When a home gardening technique calls for liquid dish soap be very careful that you use only Ivory or Fels Naptha Solution. You can also use the original liquid lemon type detergent which has no additives, just be careful that it does not contain a degreaser or is antibacterial.




Fels Naptha Soap is a fantastic stain remover and pre-treater. It works especially well on oil-based stains. Just rub the stain with a wet bar of Fels Naptha Soap. Let it sit for a while and launder as usual. It works great on baby clothes which have formula stains.




* For chocolate smudge on clothes, rub the stain with Fels Naptha Soap and let sit in your filled washer with 20 Mule Team Borax for 30 minutes. Launder as usual.




* Thoroughly wash all clothing including hats, gloves coats in Fels Naptha Soap to prevent an outbreak of poison ivy. Poison Ivy resin can remain on your clothes for over 1 year. Washing with Fels Naptha will eliminate the resin from your clothing.




* To remove Halloween makeup from clothing, simply work a little Fels Naptha into the stain and launder as usual. It may take a repeat washing to completely remove the stain.




* To clean white canvas tennis shoes, simply work the Fels Naptha Soap into a lather and use a soft brush to work into the canvas. Launder as usual without chlorine bleach.




* To remove old stains on colored clothes, make a solution of 2 cups warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Pour on stain. Let soak for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse well and work in Fels Naptha Soap. Launder as usual.




Homemade Laundry Detergent:




First Recipe: 3 Pints Water 1/3 bar Fels Naptha Soap, grated 1/2 cup Washing Soda (Arm and Hammer, NOT baking soda though!!) 1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax 2 Gallon bucket to mix it in 1 Quart hot water Additional Hot Water Mix Fels Naptha soap in a saucepan with 3 pints hot water and heat on low until dissolved. Stir in Washing Soda and Borax. Stir until thickened, and remove from heat. Add 1 Quart Hot Water to 2 gallon Bucket. Add soap mixture, and mix well. Fill bucket completely with additional hot water, and mix well. Set aside for 24 hours, or until mixture thickens. If mixture becomes to thick, add HOT water and mix well until desired consistency.  Use 1/2 cup of mixture per load. Cost per load .03 load.




Second Recipe: Water 1 bar grated Fels Naptha soap 5 gallon bucket 1 cup washing soda (Again, Arm and Hammer) 1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax  4 1/2 gallons water Put grated Fels Naptha in saucepan and cover with water. Heat on low until dissolved. Fill bucket with hot water and add soap. Stir to combine. Add 1 cup washing soda and 1 cup Borax and mix well. As it cools, it will thicken. If thickens too much, add

HOT water and mix well. May be used immediately. Use 1/2 – 1 cup per load. Cost per load .04.




Powdered Laundry Detergent 1 cup grated Fels Naptha Soap 1/2 cup washing soda 1/2 cup 20 mule team borax Mix and store in airtight container or bag. For light loads use 1 tablespoon. For normal loads, use 2 tablespoons. For heavy loads, use 3 tablespoons. Cost per “normal” load .15




Recipe for tanning hides submitted by a gentleman in Indiana…. Did you know that Fels-Naptha makes a great leather tanning solution??? It’s much safer than almost any other (chromium or solvent) method for tanning. In 1980, a friend and I tanned 30 deer hides….some for leather, and some with the hair on for rugs, with great success! The hides with the hair on, STILL retain the hair to this day! Use 1 bar per gallon of liquid….we reduced the bars to shavings first, over low heat (we did this in a big cast iron kettle over a campfire), then allowed it to cool. It turns into a runny “gel”. Then the hides need to be fully immersed for 1-2 months, depending on ambient temperature. Just thought I’d pass this along, as I’m preparing to do some tanning again just now.

If you are interested in making your own laundry soap from the recipes I have listed on my website

Bulk order on: Washing Soda $3.00 a box including tax and shipping.

Borax- $4.00 a box including tax and shipping. 


(The Borax has 11 cups in it.  The Washing Soda has almost 8 cups in it.)

2/23/09 Group Buys

Hi everyone, Just a reminder about the group sales going on:


Chickens: (The last order of poultry this year- firm)

I only have 26 chickens left and they have been going fast! (YIPPY!) They need to be pre-paid and will be delivered Sat. afternoon. (Feb 28th) I will e-mail out the time that the truck arrives on Saturday.

Chicks:  (The last order of poultry this year- firm)

There are 33 left and they also need to be pre-paid. They will be delivered on the 26th of Feb. I will also notify you be e-mail.


The 26th is the magic date. Last orders will be received then for both the Delta and the Highland honey. All monies need to be paid then, or I will drop your order.

WonderMill order #2   (Last order this year- firm)

The deadline for that is the 27th. I will place the order, than e-mail to you the exact price. Please pay ASAP after that time.

Handwashers -order #5:

As long as I keep meeting the minimum order, I will keep ordering these. Must be paid in full Feb 26th. $10.00 each.


Nuclear kit:

$50.00 pre-sale for the class March 5th. If you want more info., check out the following:

I will also offer them after the class through the month of March.


I am excited to give you new options of group orders next week, so hold onto your hat Fred, March is coming! Have a great day, April 🙂

Chicks and Chickens

Hi Ladies,
I have 50 more laying chickens ($8.00 each) that will also be delivered on the 28th in the afternoon. If you are interested, e-mail me back to reserve the numbers that you are interested. If your name is on the list below, I have already reserved some for you and you have committed to buy them.

I also have 50 chicks coming on the 26th. They are America’s/Aruacanas and they will lay blue and green eggs. More info is below if you are interested. They are beautiful little chickies! (We had our chicks for 3 months before moving them into a coop. We kept them in a box in the garage under a lamp until they were old enough to go outside at the end of May. So if you want chicks, but don’t have a coop yet, know that it is still do-able.)

Info on the Chicks: $4.50 each.

The “Easter Egg Chicken”, This unusual breed gets its name from the Indian tribe of Chile where they were first discovered. Araucanas lay beautiful colored eggs of blue-green shades from turquoise to deep olive.

These natural Easter Eggs will amaze your friends and make a great “show and tell” project for school. 

Adults are of medium size with pea combs and our breeding stock is selected for their ability to produce colored eggs. They exhibit a wonderful combination of colors and color patterns and 10 or 20 of these birds make an absolutely beautiful laying flock that is extremely hardy and will be the talk of the town. Baby chicks come in all colors, plain and fancy, just like the adults. This is a unique breed and great fun to have when the colored eggs start coming. Our Araucanas/American’s are recommended for egg laying color and ability. 

Jodie Wessendorf  15
Alison Robinson 20
Iilena Todd 8
Grace Sorensen 3
Stephanie Ozounian 12
Allison Carter 2 (Alison e-mail me if this is OK.)

I have 40 more available laying hens, and 50 chicks for whoever is interested.

Thank you, 
April 🙂

2nd Chance to Order WonderMill Before Price Hike!

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy for those of you who ordered a WonderMill and my condolences go out to those of you who wanted one and didn’t get one, because the price is going up AGAIN! (Just like everything else it seems.)

If you want still want one, here is your last chance before they leap to $280.00. If you want to order for a group where you live, I can have them delivered to you, but only as a group order at that price.

Here is a forward from my WonderMill rep.:

WonderMill has mandated a price increase to $280. They gave us special permission to lower the price for a group order so here is the new pricing that we can offer you until Feb 28th. Retail price is $280. (Please place your orders with me BEFORE Noon that day, if you are interested.)

Order of 40 mills:  $240.00

Order of 10 mills:  $250.05

Order of 5 mills:   $260.00

Less than 5 mills:  $265.00

(After Feb 28, there will be another slight price increase.  The WonderMill Company is giving us a little break while they transition into the higher price schedule.)

If you are interested, please e-mail me back, and I will put you on the list.

Thank you, April 🙂



If you want more info on the WonderMill and what makes it so amazing, you can read the following:




High speed grain mill uses Microburst milling heads (no stones) never overheats, and grinds flour continuously, so quietly and dust-free, in its large 12 cup capacity bin. I regularly grind popcorn for cornbread, brown rice to make delicious waffles, beans for instant refried beans, and of course, wheat for pancakes, breads, muffins and more. I’ve been using this excellent mill constantly for over a decade (with no need for repair) and highly recommend it! This is an investment in health for your family!


The World’s Cleanest, Quietest, Easiest To Use Mill

Imagine your favorite recipes made with the great taste of 100% whole grain goodness and all the nutrition from every grain. The WonderMill is the quietest and fastest flour mill available. You can create super fine flour or coarse flour at temperatures that preserve nutrients, ensuring that you will always have the perfect flour for your food. Professionals everywhere agree the WonderMill is the mill to own (see reviews).


Capacity, Power, and Versatility

The WonderMill has the capacity to perform big jobs. You can grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour. You don’t have to worry about overloading the WonderMill because of it’s large 1250 watt motor. The most powerful micronizing mill available. The WonderMill will not only grind wheat, rice and other small grains, but will also grind legumes and beans as large as garbanzos.


Ease of Use

The WonderMill is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the hopper and you’ll get flour. There are no small partsor gaskets to misplace, and cleaning the WonderMill is quick, easy, and virtually dust free.


Peace of Mind

UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada) certified.

The WonderMill is the only mill that has passed the stringent testing required to be certified by UL, CSA, and CE. Many mills on the market have not been able to pass any of these. If you live in Canada this is really important, because without the CSA approval you assume all the liability if there is an electrical problem that causes a fire. You can rest assured as you use the WonderMill that you won’t have any electrical problems in your home resulting from the WonderMill.


A lifetime warranty is included with every WonderMill from the company who has been making this quality mill for over 10 years.

This weeks group/bulk buy’s = bargains! 2/16/09

Hi Sisters,

Let me first tell you what it means to bulk buy. When we buy in large quantities (which could only mean 10 or more), we get a huge price break. When there are more than 20, we get an even larger break. That is what it means to group buy, or bulk buy- huge savings for all of us! 🙂

Bulk order going on currently:

Wheat grinders, Live chickens, Raw organic Honey, Handwashers.

  1. I have one wheat grinder that I paid for, and then was cancelled that I need to sell ASAP. If you missed the chance to get one last week, please place your order with me. The final price was $239.20 including tax. If you haven’t brought me your check, please do.
  2. Live Chickens: If you are interested in raising your own organic eggs, then you may be interested in the Sexlink Laying Hen – a cross between a Rhode Island
Red and a Plymouth Barred Rock. These were born last July and are now laying each day.
 I found a woman who will be bringing down a shipment each weekend for those who want them. They are currently laying Large and Extra Large brown eggs and
each hen averages 290 eggs per year. If we can get an order of over 50
they are only $8.00 each. 

She has had these layers laying eggs all winter, without a light and the
taste great! Let me know if you are interested and I will put you down on the list and let you know where we will pick these up. When you buy the chickens already laying that will save you at least 5 months of feeding them while not producing them. If you are interested, this will save you money in feed, and heat lamps and 5-6 months time.
  3. Raw, organic honey. This is an INDEFINATE FOOD STOAGE ITEM that doesn’t have to be rotated, but can be. It will last forever. Last year was a tough year on bee’s and many colonies of bees were killed. Both of these beekeepers lost a lot of bees, hence; honey as well. They, as well as most other beekeepers will be out of honey come March. (Next month) That is why I thought we’d better get on this one.

This comes from 2 different sources. Raw organic means that there has been nothing added to it- like water, so it is thick like molasses.  Honey that you buy in the store has bee pasteurized and thinned out. It is good though, that is what I use daily, but long term, it is not the answer. (Not a problem, I just keeps mine in my window box to liquefy it in the sunshine.) When you buy honey from your own area, it has certain enzymes in it that will increase your overall health. If you suffer from Allergies or Asthma, insomnia, have skin problems or want over all immune boost, purchase the honey nearest where you live. If you aren’t looking for anything other that yummy honey, go for the cheapest one. Both of them are delicious! This honey is raw and will eventually crystalize but raw honey stores forever! Pasteurized honey will go bad!

At my class next month, I will share with you in a mini-class, more reasons to buy raw honey, and why you want to have it in your food storage. After all, if must have been important, of Jared and his brother wouldn’t have bothered putting them on their barges. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Hopefully they hibernated!

If you can’t make the class, look it up next month at, under Raw Organic Honey.


  1. From a beekeeper here in Highland here are the following prices: light and dark yellow from orchards and flowering plants ($3.50 a pound)
  • 1.     1 gal bucket, 12#  $42.00
  • 2.     4 gal bucket, 48#  $168.00


  1. From a bee keeper in Delta, alfalfa blossom honey- dark orange in color ($3.00 a lb.)
  •   5 lb. bucket, $15.50 (that is all he has left to choose from)

If we get our order in soon, I think that we can order as much as you would like. If you are interested, please place your order before the 26th of February.


5th order of handwashers. (Can you believe it? You would think that we do a lot of laundry or something!) Still $10.00 and ½ price at that. Someone e-mailed me back and told me that she just bought it for $17.00 in her group buy. We are getting a great deal!


Well sisters, those are great deals for any who are interested. If you aren’t, don’t worry about it, maybe we’ll order that again sometime when it is more convenient for your family. No pressure at all, Sisters.


Have a great day.

April 🙂


P.S. If you ordered a wheat grinder, they will be in sometime after the 28th.


P.P.S.S. I also still need money for some handwahers, as well as need some to be picked up. 🙂


Nuclear Kit Description

Hello again everyone,
3 things today:

If you didn’t get pasta and still want to, you can go to 90 ea. Main Street in Lehi on Friday the 13Th from 1-7, or Sat. the 14Th 10-5 to get whatever else might be available. You won’t get it for .65 cents a pound though, but .75 cents a pound is still good. My friend said that he should have spaghetti and some more common pasta’s, but only on a first come first serve basis. Good luck, it goes fast, but worth it.

Class reminder:

Thursday, the 12 of Feb. 10:00 at April’s house.
Basic bread making, and survival bread.
(If you make your own bread, and want to share a taste and recipe with us, please bring it to this class.)

Group orders going on:
Handwashers  $10.00   (due Thursday am)


WonderMill wheat grinders  $232.45 or less depending on how many we order. (due Friday am)

Nuclear Kit (Can save 20 peoples lives) I am pre-selling these for $50.00 for the class on March 5Th.

Nuclear kit Contents:
Nuclear War Survival Skills ($20.00 retail)
kI chemical USP 40 grams   ($26.00 retail)
Book of Revelation Today   ($14.00 retail
Restoration of the Republic  ($12.50 retail)
Trace mineral liquid label seconds (3 month supply) $24.00 retail)
DVD Last Day Devastation vs. Latter-day Preparation ($10.00 ea. DVD)
DVD A more Perfect Union
KI tablets   ($8.00)
Liquid electrolyte spray energy salt and sprayer  (12.00)

Coming up group orders:

Honey, bulk garden seeds & bulk spices. I am still working on the pandemic kit. When I nail down a good price, I’ll tell you all about it.

Thanks, that’s it for tonight ladies. Thank you, April 🙂

Handwashers to help you do your laundry

Hi Ladies,
I have been asked to do the 6th order of the handwashers. So, if you would like one or many, please e-mail me back. Here is the URL that shows you what it is, and why you want one. There were many times when I wish that I had one of theses while camping.

They are $13.00 each, and I recommend buying 3 so that you have one to wash with, and 2 to rinse with, but one will also work, it will just take longer. You use this in a 5 gal bucket, with 1 1/2 gals of water & 2 Tbls. soap. It can also keep your kiddies busy,  and is a great bardering tool.

If you are interested, I place an order on the first Thursday of every month as long as I can meet the minimum order. If you have 30 or more, I can have them shipped to you, otherwise, you have to pick them up from my house. When I receieve your check, I will order your washer for you and contact you by e-mail when they come in. 

If you are receiving this e-mail and belong to a different group other than the Highland 22nd ward, please feel free to pass this along, and offer it to your wards and neighbors. The more people that want to buy when we bulk order, the lower we can get our over all prices in the purchasing to come. You will just have to collect the orders and money on your end, bring it to me, I will order it, and when it is delivered, you pick it up and take it to your people. Here is my e-mail address:

I  do many bulk orders monthly. The month of May will be my solar classes, so solar ovens, panels and other solar things will be made available. I am working on a bulk seed orders, green houses and hot boxes for April/May as well as local honey. So if you are interested in any of these things, start saving your money now.

Bee Prepared Cook Book

This month is to purchase the cookbook “Bee Prepared”. Please bring by your $15.00, and or e-mail me your order before the 15th of July, so that everyone will have their book when we do our next cooking class on August 7th. All of the recipes that I will send you from our classes can be added under their chapter headings. All you’ll have to do from there is contribute yourself, print them off, and add them to your “Bee Prepared” cookbook. Wow! What a great idea! (I’m glad I thought of that!)